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Tape reel

Analog - Digital - Hybrid

We can do any combination of analog and digital setup with 24 tracks on 2" tape or 40 channels of A/D conversion through the Antelope and Apollo interfaces. We can even sync tape to our DAW and vice versa if that is what you have in mind.

Universal Audio Apollo and UAD-2 Logo

Digital Goodness

Numerous professional plug-ins are ready for tracking and mixing. Most Universal Audio UAD-2 plug-ins along with AddictiveDrums and AddictiveKeys virtual instruments from XLN Audio can be used among other little helpers.

Tim Kröger

Dedicated staff on-site

Tim is always looking after you. Need your project mixed? Just drop us a line. Feedback on your song ideas? Can do. Just providing a frictionless recording process? Of course, no problem! Whatever you need, just get in touch.

Harrison 3232 console. Built to last.

For analog or hybrid projects we have a a vintage Harrison 32 channel inline console hooked up to almost every piece of equipment in the studio. The EQs on this thing are magic, so Universal Audio decided to model them as plugins for their UAD-2 platform.

Harrison 3232 console

Studer A80 VU MkII 24 channel tape recorder

Studer A80 tape machine. 24 channels of awesome.

If you have never seen a Studer machine handling tape, you should come by and watch. The machine is set up and ready and can be synced to the DAW.

Vintage outboard equipment. Get creative.

There are great plug-ins out there - and we use them - but sometimes you just need the real thing to dial away on the hardware and experience the vibe of excellent outboard at your fingertips. The Eventide H3000's Magic Air preset can't even be found anywhere but in the original unit. Everything is rigged up and ready to support your creative process or shine in the mix.

Vintage digital effects rack

Universal Audio channel strips and outboard

First class signal chain. Never craps out on you.

With microphone signals being very low in comparison to line level signals it is most important to have the highest quality equipment at the very first stages of amplification. Universal Audio channel strips are our go to mic preamps for that purpose. And for musical compression on our analog projects, we built 1176 blue stripe compressor clones.

Microphone collection. Constantly growing.

We don't get microphones because of their brand; we buy what works. We have well-known large diaphragm mics like the Shure SM7B or the Electro-Voice RE20; real workhorses. Oktava SDCs with various capsules, RØDE tube LDC and China ribbons modded with Lundahl output transformers complete the collection nicely. Everything works beautifully on something.

Rode microphone


Guitar & amp collection. From vintage to modern.

Gibson, Ibanez, Fender, PRS and ESP guitars are readily available with a small but nice tube amp selection. A '68 VOX AC 30 with vintage Silver Bulldog speakers and EF86 tube modification in tip top shape is only one of the amps you can choose from. Pair a '90s JMP Marshal rack with a 70s cabinet? Lovely! And we even build amps.

Synthesizers. Sound of the future.

We have synthesizers ready if you need that. A fully loaded Korg Trinity including the coveted MOSS-TRI board is available togeter with a Komplete Kontrol S88 Master Keyboard. Need that one odd '90s sound from the Roland JV-1080? No prob. You can choose from a lot of stuff that is just waiting to be tried out.

Korg Radias