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About Unknown Artist Studio

Unknown Artist Studio is a just-for-fun hobby recording studio in Berlin. There's a lot of stuff that you might recognize from recording studios of the 70s, 80s and 90s.

Record it your way!

About The Studio

Maintaining old gear is expensive, or time consuming. Most of the time it's both. I don't do this for a living but because I believe that an environment filled with old equipment can put you into an exceptional state of mind.

There's something magic to the smell of tape, or manually turning knobs instead of pushing a mouse pointer over the screen. Physical limitations can unlock the special performance you've been looking for - if you have the time for this. Maybe you have a max track count of 24 or you don't want to cut up the takes because it would be a destructive operation that needs a razor blade.

The Team


Experience the recording process like in good old times, when tape was rolling and you had to get it right. Non-linear or non-destructive editing was unheard of. Open a beer and rehearse just one last time while the tape spools back for your next overdub to punch into.

Analog - Digital - Hybrid

You can do any combination of an analog and digital setup with 24 tracks on 2" tape or 40 channels of analog to digital conversion through the Antelope and Apollo interfaces. You can even sync the tape to the DAW and vice versa if you want to get crazy and experiment.

Digital Goodies

Numerous professional plug-ins are ready for tracking and mixing. Most Soundtoys, Sonnox and Universal Audio UAD-2 plug-ins along with drums, keys and other virtual instruments from XLN Audio, Arturia, propellerhead and NI can be used among other little helpers.


Contact Me

I'd like to hear from you! Please understand though that I am doing this for fun and as a hobby only. Therefore it might take me some time to get back to you, especially if your request doesn't seem like fun at all ;)

You can use the form to send me a message. Please make sure that the email you enter is correct as I'll try and contact you through the address you provide. Rock on!